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This site is a resource for anyone who would like to help themselves learn about the world of Turkish Classical music and Turkish makam. There is no substitute for studying in person with a master but this site can be a place for you to explore the repertoire for this amazing music.

Notation for Turkish Music using Lilypond...
Lilypond is a free (yes free!) music engraving program that makes beautiful notation for music. Its cross-platform (Windows, OSX, UNIX, etc...) inputting method can be tricky at first to adapt to if you are used to other notation programs but in the end it produces .pdfs that rival those made by commercially-bought products.

The great news is that Lilypond is currently being updated to make Turkish notation (funny accidental characters like 1, 4 and 5 koma flats and sharps). Although still in it's development phase, it is working VERY well, we are so pleased. Click on the "Lilypond Files" link above to see some pieces I'm currently working on.

To download Lilypond visit the website at:

Search field working...
You can now type in the name of a makam in the search field, upper right-hand corner.

Turkish Classical Repertoire...
The most interesting thing about this site is the repertoire section.

Click on the "Nota" link above to begin exploring what the site has to offer. The pieces (there are many!) are sortable by makam, composers, rhythms and forms.

Likewise, click above on the "Fasil Rep" link to view some Fasil suites.

Click on the "Map" link and you'll see large lists of Makams (Rast, Hicaz, Huseyni etc...) Forms (Saz Semaisi, Pesrev etc...) Composers (Tanburi Cemil Bey, Tatyos Efendi etc...) Usuls (Devr-i Kebir, Semai etc...)

coming soon...

3/18/06 - Santa Cruz, CA
Turkish udist Yurdal Tokcan

4/12/06 - Brooklyn, NY
Phaedon Sinis - kemençe, Mavrothis Kontanis - ud, Adam Good - kudum, tanbur

4/29/06 - Boston, MA - Boston Turkish Film and Music Festival
Derya Turkan - kemençe, Sokratis Sinopolous - kemençe performing their Letters from Istanbul project.

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