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Adam Good has lent his quick ears and musicality to numerous Eastern European and Jazz projects. A graduate of Boston's Berklee College of Music with a concentration in jazz guitar, he has lived in New York City since 1996. As early as 1994, he developed a parallel interest in Eastern European folk, Greek, and Turkish classical music and is now well-known for his versatility in performing on a variety of stringed instruments including the acoustic bass, tambura, and Turkish ud and Cümbüş. Adam plays in the New York area with groups such as Hazmat, Sukunet, Sideshow (Songs of Charles Ives), and Sheqer and around the United States with Harmonia (Traditional Crossroads CD). He has also toured the country with Macedonian kaval master Angele Dimovski and in 2002 released his Dances of Macedonia and the Balkans (Folksounds Records). Adam teaches privately and has taught Macedonian tambura at the EEFC's Balkan Music and Dance Camp.
"Good is good at what he does, playing quick dance tunes on tambura with an intricate style -- the music goes well with wine. Dances is a sure bet for Balkan dancers out for a light, rapid chochek, or for Markos Vamvakaris or Andy Irvine enthusiasts, or anyone else, for that matter, who wants to hear good music in uneven meter!" -- Green Man Review

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